Grace Notes in the Desert

Grace Notes in the Desert is written for the saints of Rio Grande Presbyterian Church and the surrounding community.

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Grace Notes acknowledges we need God's grace and forgivness as much as the desert water.



Jesus’ mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you..."
--John 2:5

I’ve always liked the description in John’s Gospel of the Wedding at Cana—one of our Lectionary Readings for this month.

You might remember the story: Jesus and his mother, Mary, are guests at a wedding celebration and the wine has run out. Mary takes the problem to Jesus who seems irritated and says: “Woman,what does that have to do with me? My (time) has not come.” To which, Mary, undeterred, turns to the nearest waiter and says, quietly, confidently (under her breath?): ...“Do whatever he tells you.”

The story reveals a number of things about Mary. For one, she trusts Jesus. For another, she cares about the needs of others. The wine has run out; the wedding guests have nothing to drink; and, Mary simply brings the need to Jesus. It may seem a small thing, but, then, what’s a wedding without wine? More importantly, the guests have nothing to drink, so Mary tells Jesus; and Mary believes Jesus will act.

She’s right, of course, and her faith is rewarded: Jesus does act, telling the waiters to fill six stone jars with water and, then, to give some to the party’s chief waiter to taste. When he tastes it, he calls the bridegroom over, congratulating him, saying: “Most people at a party save the worst wine for last after everybody is drunk—but you have saved the best for last.”

As a new year begins, let’s ask ourselves: do we have the faith of Mary? The kind of faith that brings the need to Jesus, believing the Lord, in his way and in his time, will act?

Wishing You a Happy and Faithful New Year.

Yours in Christ,
A Pastor in the Desert