Grace Notes in the Desert

Grace Notes in the Desert is written for the saints of Rio Grande Presbyterian Church and the surrounding community.

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Grace Notes acknowledges we need God's grace and forgivness as much as the desert water.



"...More and more I understand what people do/I appreciate the daily braveries, the clean white shirts/morning greetings between old men/Again I see how once the boat tips/you never forget the sensation of drowning..." -Naomi Shihab Nye, What People Do

Last month I had the pleasure of welcoming Presbyterian Pastor and Moderator of the Synod of Cuba during his visit last month, among other places, to the desert Southwest.

Daniel spoke about the devastation Hurricane Ike left on the island of Cuba and how, among the 200 houses in one town, only 17 were left standing. This month, folks from this Presbytery will be joining Daniel and other pastors and churches in Cuba--bringing with them needed supplies and, especially, money--to help.

Of course, Cuba was not the only place damaged by Hurricane Ike. Folks in our own country, even now, scramble to rebuild the damage done to towns, businesses and houses along the Gulf Coast.

On November 16, Rio Grande will gather for its Annual Thanksgiving Banquet (when we will give our pledges for 2009). As we do so, I hope we will remember not only the “daily braveries” of which a Texas poet wrote, but how God has seen us through to live another day; to be a blessing to another; to share our time, talents and treasures with each other, this congregation, and the world in which we live.

As a woman in our congregation reminded us one Sunday, “"I used to give a dollar to folks in need. Recently, I gave someone a twenty... without hesitation. And, that money I've given, I've never missed it!"

May the same be true for you and me!

In Christ’s Service,
A Pastor in the Desert