Grace Notes in the Desert

Grace Notes in the Desert is written for the saints of Rio Grande Presbyterian Church and the surrounding community.

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Grace Notes acknowledges we need God's grace and forgivness as much as the desert water.



I’m going fishing…” -Simon Peter, John 21:3

My husband, and I, and our three children, spent three days of summer vacation along the Pecos River in northern New Mexico, fishing. The river ran behind the 100-year-old cabin where we were staying, swollen from rain that pounded the roof each night. Still, every afternoon, we tried to fish it, but, in rapids (as I came to understand), it’s hard to catch a fish.

Maybe that’s why we saw so many people, young and old, fishing under a concrete bridge, near the highway, across the street. It looked like a terrible fishing spot: shallow, noisy, with car exhaust, the town’s one road nearby. Nothing romantic, in my view: standing under an overpass trying to catch a fish, but the kids couldn’t wait to cross the street and cast their lines.

‘What did you do on your summer vacation?” teachers sometimes ask returning students, parishioners sometimes ask ministers. “Watched my 12-year-old catch his first fish,” I say, “a small, silvery one, too small to keep.” “Watched my 5-year-old walk out in the shallows, sunlight everywhere, casting his line like a pro, water up to his knees.” “Nothing much.” “Mundane things.” (We’ll always remember).

How ‘bout you? What did you do on your summer vacation? What do you want to do, right now? It’s never too late to put the so-called “mundane” on our life’s agenda. As you read this issue of La Luminaria, I hope you’ll find a spot that interests you, blesses others, and wade on out!

Yours in Christ’s Service,
A Pastor in the Desert